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  • Enterprise tenet

    Quality assured, Credit supreme,

    Service satisfied, Win-win cooperation

  • Enterprise spirit

    Hope is from perseverance;

    Future is from struggle

    and gloriousness is from efforts

  • Sense of worth

    The employees make contribution to

    the company,while the company seeks

    benefits for employees

  • Management idea

    Pursue benefits but not solely for it,

    dare to compete but with no dirty, exchange

    equivalently but not calculating in every detai

  • Work concept

    Do complex things simply, do simple

    things seriously, do serious things

    repeatedly and do repeated things promoted

  • Concept of execution

    Quick response, instant action,

    well-executed and persistence

  • Career concept

    Choose kind person to make friends,

    choose good books to read, choose good words

    to listen,and choose good behaviors to follow

  • Salary concept

    Treatment is from efforts, public

    praise is from evaluations

    and result is from actions.