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The company's logo shape is round, symbolizing the global development strategy.

The concise and tensioned lines intertwine in the circle to form "XINA". The initial word "X" and "A" symbolize the cohesiveness, unity, upward and flourishing road of the enterprise, which represents the development path of the enterprise to the world getting higher and wider. At the same time, the form of "X" also hides the shape of "人", representing the talents are the most valuable wealth of XINA International. It pays attention to the discovery and cultivation of all kinds of talents, so that all the employees are able to do their best, and flow reasonably. All the staff develop and progress together with the enterprises.

Blue represents "ocean", "Earth", "prudent", "development" and "technology", which symbolizes the strategic attitude of globalization.

The whole line of the logo is concise and lively, extending upward, with subtle arc processing, showing modest and powerful. The whole logo reflects the steady progress, positive attitude, diligence, and the spirit of breakthroughs and innovation of the enterprise.