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Anhui Shun Yu International Trade Co., Ltd. was formerly a textile department of Anhui Xin'an International Trade Co., Ltd., founded in April 2015. It is a subsidiary of Xin'an international holding company.

The company relies on China's textile and garment manufacturing and manufacturing sites - Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region, specializing in textile, garment and accessories business. It provides a full range of management services outsourcing, from low to high terminal products, to meet the customers' various quality and price of the product portfolio. Our typical customers include large supermarket chains, well-known clothing brands, distributors, stores, department stores, mail order sales, and e-commerce retailers looking for outsourcing in China.

Thanks to our long-term cooperation with factories, suppliers and integrators, our competitive advantage lies in providing a cost-effective backend manufacturing plan to our customers. We understand the importance of quality service and product quality to customers, and we also know that cost and delivery time are the most powerful support for customers. Therefore, we must strictly control every link of the comprehensive production, which is backed by the senior professional team in the industry, and strictly control and take every step seriously from raw material inspection, first line production to shipping inspection. Our efforts have been recognized by world brands such as WAL-MART, KMART, KangaRoos and ASDA, which are well known for strict quality standards.

Our management team is composed of high level management talents with years of international trade and clothing and clothing production management experience. In order to have a more powerful industrial scale in the future, all Xin'an clothing people work hard to better serve the customers of different needs. By constantly improving our business processes, we provide a seamless flow of goods to our customers from the factory production shop to the distribution center or the sales site. We are carefully serving to provide greater support for the greater development of our customers.

In the world and in China, we are looking for long-term partners and potential customers. Please refer to the customer message or contact our email in any aspect of the consultation.